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Poetic Drive is an audio project created for the 2020 O, Miami Poetry Festival. Poems were submitted by people throughout the city through an open call. With the trusted support of poetry, Poetic Drive aims to acknowledge and celebrate the thoroughfares that connect the city, and all of us to one another.


Poems were commissioned by Miami-based poets who were given maps of two bus routes. Poets selected a part of a route, explored it on foot or by car, then wrote a poem about where they were.


Poems were enjoyed by calling a phone number that directed callers to a poem. For people living along the bus routes, colorful decals, placed along the bus routes, shared the number to enjoy a poem while they waited for a bus, enjoyed a bike ride, or walked along the sidewalk.


The vision for the project is to create more poems about more streets throughout Miami-Dade County—until the streets are filled with poetry! 

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